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Have you ever had a day - a moment - in your life when you suddenly get the sense that something unexplainable was going on? I did.

Early one August morning in 1959, I was on the road between Jackpot and Reno, Nevada. We were moving to California. We had just had breakfast at Cactus Jack's Casino and caught the news that we could have been buried alive, along with the many others who had been, had we spent the previous night as planned near the Yellowstone, Montana, park exit.

As I was driving along this bleak route, it made me shudder to think of what had happened to those poor unwarned people. It started me thinking and over what took all morning and most of the afternoon, I had plenty of time to recall the unusually numerous tough scrapes, close calls and seriously life-threatening experiences I had survived during my twenty-one years. It finally dawned on me that something unexplainable was definitely going on in my life.

I decided to start a listing of these kinds of events. I kept this hand-written list and added to it as I recalled more. I came to appreciate the tales I was told as a youngster, about the death of my brother Jack, then his appearance to my mom and my being born just as he predicted to her. There was only one conclusion I could draw: I had been blessed with a guardian angel. I literally had someone watching over me.

I kept this outline, occasionally taking it out in quiet times, revisiting some of the situations and thinking about the buddies who were part of many of them.

I didn't write this story for many more years, until I became comfortable with Microsoft Word on a PC, which made writing a whole lot easier. I dug out that tattered old outline which I had hung on to for so many years and decided to put this crazy story on paper, hoping others would find it as inspiring, thrilling and downright scary as I have. Here it is and I'm glad I did.


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