This book is dedicated to the memories of
John Albert Rose
1924 – 1936
…my twin brother and comrade
who passed away at the age of twelve,
two years before I was born,
yet who has stayed by my side throughout the years





A miracle is an event which creates faith. That is the purpose and
nature of miracles. Frauds deceive. An event which creates faith
does not deceive: therefore it is not a fraud, but a miracle.

~ George Bernard Shaw.................................








I’m grateful for the friends and buddies who were there with me as I lived the instances that, hopefully, made this a story worth telling. “Hey, Johnnie’s talking to someone...” “Rose, there you go again, looking up to the sky and talking to no one there. You’re weird.”
......I must thank my mom who passed away in 1979, at the age of 81, for her great caring patience, understanding and sharing of her spiritual belief that, yes, Jack had come to her after his passing, to tell her things like “one will come to take my place.”
......I also thank my siblings, who all had the pleasure of knowing Jack, experiencing his character, and who shared their wonderful memories of him with me. In particular, I want to thank my sister, Joyce, who inspired me to write my story and keep both Jack’s memories and this piece of unique Rose family history alive. Joyce and I were not always the best of friends; she commonly referred to me as ‘The Brat’ through my early years. We later became great friends and teamed up to support Mom during our dad’s final days and after his passing. The other siblings had left the nest by then and
Mom needed the three of us to pull together and we did.
......I appreciate the patience and understanding of my wife, Camille, who has put up with the unending hours I’ve spent recapturing the many memories for my story and bringing them together into book form.
......I want to thank Lisa Gardner and Peter Hutchausen, two excellent authors, who provided me pointers as I was writing this story.
......Finally, my thanks go out to Nancy and John Grossman, Back Channel Press, Portsmouth, NH, my editor and publisher, who I found after a long search. Together they have been a great help, taking my manuscript and making me stick strictly to the story line, thus creating this finished piece...a fine team effort. (I now have enough outtakes to later assemble a book of short stories!)