Inventory Tracking


  • Systems Analysis - operation needs, automation requirements, growth projection, timing
  • Functional Specifications - systems operation, communication, data requirements, purchasing specs, goals, implementation, and schedule
  • Project Management - contract compatibility, schedule, implementation, functions, performance, and results
  • Technology Search - applications, prior art, market needs, sizing and timing

Step Phased Consulting Project Outline:

Step 1:

  • Project initiation meeting, introduction to team members, and task definition.
  • Consulting contract preparation and issue.
  • Summary of meeting results, project definition, time schedule, milestones, and outline
  • Step 1 reporting, review, and acceptance
Step 2:
  • Site and production / distribution processing evaluation
  • Evaluation of uniqueness and/or commonality of each line,
  • Products, containers, labeling and bar coding, orientation, surface shapes, contrast
  • flow, spacing, decision path, and decision requirements, faulty containers removal
  • material handling, space, and construction
  • timing, production / distribution interruptions and installation requirements
  • Report of findings, specification and schedule, preliminary purchasing specification outline, and review
  • Deliver and present final purchasing specification, comments recommendations, and sign-off
  • Step 2 reporting
Step 3:
  • Recommendation of vendors for bidders list and review,
  • Site and reference appraisal
  • Bid request preparation, circulation, and response monitoring
  • Bid review, final listing of preferred bidders, and reference site evaluations
  • Bidder selection, initiation of contract, schedule, and site preparation requirements
  • Contractors engineering specification submittal, review, revisions and/or acceptance and sign-off, milestones identification
  • Installation, startup, training, and system conformance/ acceptance procedures generation, and acceptance
  • Step 3 reporting
Step 4:
  • Project management
  • Monitoring site preparation, coordination with contractor and Customer
  • Milestone recordings, and schedule compliance evaluation,
  • Contractor's site / equipment presentation, review and preliminary acceptance, ready for shipping
  • Installation, startup, training, compliance and acceptance
  • Performance for evaluation period and sign-off
  • Final report.

Inventory Tracking and CONSULTEC, Inc.

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