CONSULTEC, founded in 1989, is located at the foot of Mt. Washington in Conway, New Hampshire. The company has been successful, from its inception, in fulfilling its mission:


Reach companies, interested in implementing automated manufacturing, warehouse distribution, and/or freight handling systems.



Combine the best automatic identification and data collection capability, with the best material handling equipment.



Provide integrated system solutions, to facilitate our customers' current and future needs.



Do this without overextending their budgets, or suffering the risk of premature obsolescence.


CONSULTEC's uniquely joined talents of selected consulting and systems integration specialists conduct research and engineering development, to meet the demands of our customers. Our organization specializes in automatic identification and material handling automation. Through:


CONSULTEC provides expert consulting, engineering, integration, and project management, for systems applications across diverse market opportunities. These systems include:

Functions- Bar code and RF identification; in-motion and static weighing; data collection, process control, and data management; local area networking; material handling and conveyor control; vehicle identification and access control.

Applications- Manufacturing / shop floor control; warehouse / inventory management; receiving, shipping, and distribution operations; freight handling / cross docking operations.

Industries- Banking, chemical, electronics, food, garment, household, insurance, paper, pharmaceutical, textile, and utilities.

Transportation- Motor freight, air cargo, postal, express, rail, and containerized Intermodel shipping industries.


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