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Thanks, Jack
In Need of a Miracle

..................By Jack Rose


Share the vivid memories of a boy growing up in the 1940s and ’50s..- under the watchful eye of a guardian angel.

A rain-soaked highway; a crash; a seventeen-year-old’s brain addled by the shock of seeing the car he’d only owned for hours – in flames. Light from the fire on the trees above giving form to a smiling face, which he suddenly recognizes: the image of his long-dead older brother. Why, he asks himself, is he still alive?

If you seek verifiable proof of real-life miracles, you need look no further than this book. The story is, in a word, astounding.


Thanks, Jack: In Need of a Miracle revisits vivid memories of a World War II and
mid-twentieth-century New England childhood, the memories of a boy who grew up in
a large family that could supply few material resources beyond the basics. Born with an
innate love for fishing, boats, and later cars, he got his first job at ten and set to earning
whatever was needed both to fuel his passions and to save for an education, with an
entrepreneurial drive that would put many an adult to shame.

Johnnie Rose grew up in small-town America, in the shadow of an older brother Jack (second from right), who had died at the age of twelve. Their mother, who blamed herself for her elder son’s untimely death, found solace when he returned to her in a vision to tell her that God was sending her another child to take his place. Johnnie was born two years from the day Jack died. Literally – two years, to the day and to the minute.

Johnnie was an adventure-seeking lad with an aptitude for getting himself into life-threatening situations, situations affecting not only his own safety but often the safety of others as well. He learned at an early age to thank his lucky stars that he had a guardian angel watching over him. Jack had made a pact with God to never again let his mother suffer the loss of a child, and had assumed the job of keeping Johnnie alive long enough to reach maturity. From relatively minor scrapes to a miraculous escape from a burning car, Jack never once let his mother – or his brother – down.

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JACK ROSE hailed from Springfield, Massachusetts, married at an early age and moved to California to chase his dream of becoming a mechanical engineer. Later, following another dream, he returned to northern New England to restore an old farm. He now enjoys living with his wife in the White Mountains of northern New Hampshire.

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© 2007 by Jack Rose. All Rights Reserved. Book published by Back Channel Press, Portsmouth, NH


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